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                  Ethics & Compliance Program GC_EClogo_Filled_Color_v2.png

                  We pride ourselves in having a culture of integrity that starts
                  with the leadership of the Company and flows to each employee, where everyone is aware and aligned with our One General Cable 
                  Values. Integrity is the foundation for everything we do every
                  day, in every action and interaction with each other and with
                  all external parties.

                  Our Vision

                  We aim to have a world-class Ethics & Compliance Program where each employee:
                  • Lives to our One General Cable Values
                  • Is aware of the risks, knowledgeable of what to do, and committed to doing the right thing
                  • Operates in an environment that supports ethical and compliant behavior
                  Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which emphasizes our Values, is what we live by every day. Our global presence requires us to be cognizant of and to abide by U.S. laws and the laws of every country in which we operate.  We expect our employees to go beyond these laws and embrace the spirit and purpose of these laws. 

                  Our Program

                  Our Ethics & Compliance program incorporates comprehensive systems and disciplined processes for ongoing risk assessments, training in relevant risk areas, regular communications with employees, proactive audits and handling and management of reported concerns. 
                  Our robust program will support business growth by:
                  • Preventing misses through leadership engagement, trainings, and a ‘speak up’ culture
                                  … and when prevention fails…
                  • Detecting misses through our global policies, controls, audits and our Compliance HelpLine reporting
                                  … and when detected…
                  • Responding efficiently and effectively through our defined processes to achieve prompt remediation
                  A key program element is having employees operate in an open reporting environment where they are free to ask any questions or concerns by raising these to their immediate supervisor, Human Resources, Legal, the Global Compliance Office or to the Compliance HelpLine.